by Wolf Kroeger

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released January 16, 2016


all rights reserved



Wolf Kroeger Los Angeles, California

Wolf is currently recording his next concept album with hopes of adding a visual aspect to it. As in most of his previous songs, he will do all of the writing, performing and producing of the music himself. 
He is involved in many artistic endeavors, including an award-winning stop-motion pilot and the production of other artists which got him a few grammy nominations.
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Track Name: Winter In Paradise

As the troughs defining peak and valley
Became too deep
The faith needed in the vivid journey
Was deemed too steep

So the bleak heimal winds were called upon
To cover the world in a gauze of frost
And crystalline flakes descended anon
Until all relief was forsaken and lost

It had been a long winter in paradise
But I saw a face peering through the ice
She came with the jacaranda bloom
Grew a garden out of cinder and ruin

We chased our shadows down on Sidewalks imbibed in the ink of night
As they lingered and danced to
The glow of midnight streetlights

Our words intertwined with a tender breeze
Which ruffled the leaves of trees
Breathing the air soaked in dreams
Of a city cloaked in slumber and gleams

Ce soir la, je me suis perdu dans tes grands yeux bruns
Qui me cachaient bien des chagrins
Nous nous tenions par la main apeurés et surpris
Par ce coin de paradis
Dans ce monde et sa cacophonie
Mais pour nos âmes bordées de noire
Il était trop tôt pour y croire

(On that night, I lost myself in your deep brown eyes
Which kept a few sorrows hidden from me
Hand in hand, we were bewildered
By this spot of paradise
In this world and its cacophony
But for our souls lined by darkness
It was all too early to be trusted)

It has been a long winter in paradise
And I saw your face peering through the ice
I reached in the gelid pool too soon
You left with the jacaranda bloom

I now meander in corridors of cigarette fueled insomnia
Where the memories of your scotch infused lips
And the biting edge of your wit
Distort in echolalia

And I know if you just would’ve given it time
I could’ve brought down the walls around our minds yearning to shine

You know I was dead inside for many years and I was taken by surprise
I wish I hadn’t misread the signs

So if I gazed into your eyes a bit too long
It was beyond me
And I didn’t mean to come on so strong

You know that tests and predictions
Don’t always amount to the right conclusion
And cutting a story short based on assumptions
Isn’t the right solution

Because life is fond of her little surprises
And I’m not saying I’m the right one for you
But we’re gonna miss out on a few

In front of opened gates the lion froze
While I watched my fantasy drown in the river of time

So it goes…

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